In a very short time the number of vegans in the UK has risen by 350 per cent. Going plant-based has become very popular among young people – the millennials really get it! How come so many youngsters are going vegan? Amazing animal rights organisations, such as [PETA](" target="_blank) and [Meat Free Monday](" target="_blank), are definitely a reason. However, influencers on social media have a huge impact on today’s youth as well. Through them, veganism has been shown in a whole new light. Thanks to “What I Ate Today” and recipe videos, which provide us with our daily dose of inspiration and helpful tips, our eyes are constantly in for a treat.

We will introduce you to some of our favourite vegan YouTubers/world changers in the UK. Disclaimer: these videos will make you hungry, so make sure you have some vegan snacks nearby before reading any further.

1. Plant Based News

Want to know whatʼs going on in the vegan world? Let us introduce you to Klaus and Robbie: these two well-spoken Londoners created Plant Based News to inform you about animal rights, ethical consumerism and keep you up to date with the latest vegan food trends. They are also well known for their annual reviews. It showcases the progress in the vegan movement – definitely something to look forward to every year.

2. The Vegan Corner

Miriam and Raoul’s food creations stimulate all your senses – literally. Their recipes aren’t just a feast for your eyes. These two kitchen magicians also capture soothing sounds, which will give you the ultimate head tingles. Get ready for some vivid food dreams! The Italian couple have been chefs for years. Not only do they create traditional Italian dishes, their goal is to provide you with healthy and tasty options that will turn every meal into a mouth-watering treat.

3. TimTheHuman

Who wouldn’t want to hang with Tim? He’s a professional parkour athlete, devoted vegan and philosopher, inspiring many as a former freerunning champion – I bet even monkeys couldn’t jump from building to building like he does. Now he’s helping the planet by advocating veganism. Disclaimer: watching his videos might give you some mean cooking skills and wellbeing. Tim spreads even more plant power with his own ethical clothing line [ETHCS](" target="_blank) (Formerly Ethics & Antics).

4. Lucy Watson

Lucy is a (role)model and an ambassador for PETA. On her channel you will find vegan food trials with her loved ones, cruelty-free makeup tutorials and videos on animal cruelty awareness. She has designed her own [t-shirts](" target="_blank) with fun vegan slogans, showing her passion for animals and fashion (10% of profits go to charity). The animal rights supporter recently published her own recipe book. It’s jampacked with plant-based recipes! Oreo Thickshake, mushroom mac and cheese, just to name a few – get into our tummies right now!

5. Earthling Ed

This young activist creates interview-style videos. He approaches people on the street where he addresses many topics: from veganism to animal rights issues. As a co-founder of [Surge](" target="_blank) – an activism organisation which holds protests and demonstrations every month – he is able to shed more light on animal cruelty. Educational and entertaining at the same time, Ed’s channel will inspire you to live a more compassionate life.

6. Naturally Stefanie

Stefanie is another foodie who proves that vegans get more
than enough protein! Her body is absolute goals! After watching her "what I eat in a day“ videos you’ll want to hit the gym and devour a tower of pancakes at the same time. Stef shows that eating vegan when out and about can easily be done – from Nando’s to Pizza Hut, anything can be veganised.

7. Monami Frost

The vegan queen of Liverpool! Mum and Instagram model, Monami brings back some edge to veganism. She inspires a whopping 1.3 million people to live a plant-based lifestyle. The Latvian is tattooed from head to toe – that’s what we call a real body of art. We can highly recommend her creative recipe videos, Q&A’s and fun clips of her tasting vegan goodies. Not to mention her vlogs! Any video featuring her adorable family will make your day!

8. Vegan Hustle TV

Feel like gaining some muscle – plant-based style? KCʼs videos can help you with that! As a vegan fitness trainer and athlete, he knows how to stay in shape. Watch out, Arnold Schwarzenegger, youʼll soon be getting some competition! He adores “fast food”! By that he means the real fast food, such as fruits and veggies. Four years ago he decided to become rich – in health. In his opinion, being healthy is the real wealth. We can only rejoice over such a great attitude!

9. Vegan Voyager

Laura’s videos are especially helpful for students or anyone who is on a budget. Need any vegan tips and hacks or food inspiration? Laura has got you covered. She and her better half, Lewis, love trying the newest treats of the vegan food world. With that they not only help us save time and money. Taste test videos are simply entertaining to watch. In conclusion: she’s the vegan fairy godmother!

10. Vegan Spartan

Brad from Scotland has many passions: veganism, sports and music is what he lives for. This he shares with his wonderfully crazy family. The songwriter posts "what I eat in a day"s, street interviews and tasty recipes. Be prepared to be blown away by his captivating scenery shots and video editing. In case you can’t get enough of him and his family (we certainly can’t), you can find a lot more on his sister’s [channel](" target="_blank).

11. Kiera Rose

This beautiful vegan and Lush lover doesnʼt have an ordinary channel – her videos are as colourful as her personality (and her many tattoos). Keira’s soothing voice and clips of birds and flowers make you feel like you are on holiday. The captured moments are so aesthetically pleasing, that they can only make you feel relaxed. She is a mum of a rat called Louis. She loves to sketch him and his cute animal pals. Get ready for some cruelty-free designs from her very soon.

Which vegan YouTubers inspire you? Feel free to leave a comment down below. We love discovering new plant-based channels.

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