Green tea in desserts? Seriously? At least that’s what I thought a few years ago when I first visited Southeast Asia. I’d been an avid (green) tea drinker for years, but actually cooking or baking with it just seemed… strange. Now I wouldn’t wanna miss it! Matcha, the sap-green powdered green tea from Japan, is not only incredibly healthy. It adds an exotic, fresh flavour that’s so unlike what we’re used to in European cuisine.

These 10 mouthwatering matcha recipes (almost all of them gluten-free) will spice up some of your favourite dessert classics.

1. [Matcha Pistachio Ice Lollies](" target="_blank)

Ice Lollies are the summer trend for foodies this year. You hardly see an Instagram feed without them. It’s no wonder though – they’re easy to make, delicious, refreshing, and can be real showstoppers. Like these gluten-free ice pops by Stacey Horler. The combination of matcha and coconut with a drizzle of dark chocolate is simply divine.

2. [Raw Vegan Matcha Snickers Cheesecake](" target="_blank)

If this beauty of a cake made you go “wow!”, you’re not the only one. Justina Elumeze wowed the judges at [PETA’s Great Vegan Bake-Off 2016](" target="_blank), where she was one of the finalists. I bet even Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood couldn’t resist these layers of a nutty crust, matcha nougat (!), caramel and chocolate. Plus, this cake is gluten-free.

3. [Healthified Vegan Matcha Freakshake](" target="_blank)

Freakshakes are definitely a trend that’s here to stay. Sadly, most of them are loaded with fat and calories. A healthier, nutritious version, you say? Yes, please! Thanks to Nadia from Manchester, we can make a lighter, gluten-free freakshake that’s chock full of matcha and chocolate goodness.

4. [Vegan Matcha and Coconut Panna Cotta](" target="_blank)

Panna Cotta is one of those desserts that’s easy to make, yet still – with the proper garnish – is simply elegant. It’s also perfect for a hot summer. This gluten-free version by food stylist and photographer Kimberly combines matcha with coconut. Delightfully creamy!

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5. [Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites](" target="_blank)

These raw, vegan and gluten-free balls are quick and easy to whip up. They make the perfect nutritious snack. Plus the lush green colour is a nice change of pace from the usual brownish colours of raw vegan balls.

6. [Matcha Vanilla Pudding](" target="_blank)

This gluten-free pudding has – in addition to the matcha – another surprising and healthy ingredient. I couldn’t believe it when I first read the recipe! Hint: This dessert is perfect if you want to stealthily sneak in some more veggies (yes, veggies!) into your loved ones’ diet. But see for yourself...

7. [Raw Matcha Cheesecake](" target="_blank)

Niki, the Soil Association’s Food Blogger of the Year 2016, developed this simple recipe for a delicious gluten-free, raw vegan tarte. The berries on top are optional, but I think they’re a lovely addition, both for colour and flavour.

8. [Matcha Green Tea Waffles](" target="_blank)

These gluten-free waffles (made with oats or oat flour) by vegan food & lifestyle blogger Romy can be enjoyed with sweet as well as savoury toppings.

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9. [Vanilla Green Tea Doughnuts](" target="_blank)

Baked doughnuts are a welcome change of pace from standard loaf cakes. They can simply be glazed or decorated elaborately. It’s up to you. In this recipe by Melina from Vianna, the flavours of matcha and vanilla complement each other beautifully.

10. [Chocolate Matcha Butter Cups](" target="_blank)

This recipe was developed by food blogger and author of the smash-hit cookbook “But I Could Never Go Vegan”, Kristy Turner. These treats are the perfect butter cup alternative for vegans. Not only are they cruelty-free, they’re also a healthier version of the original and a delight for matcha addicts like myself.

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What is your favourite matcha recipe? Let us know in the comments below!

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